born in Rome,
1975/77 Degree at LTC Ladies College, Eastbourne, UK and languages, Rome.
1980 Economy and Law at LUISS and SAPIENZA Universities, Rome.
1988, in Umbria/ Italy for many years, art Assistant, refined all Art Techniques and some
Graphic Novels as Illustrator.
In some occasions Curator of Contemporary Art Event in Europe, in public and private sites.
Actually lives and works in Münster / Germany.

THE PLANET OF PESIANS - 70 paintings on paper
SETIMAS - 27 tables, dedicated to Henri Matisse.

Recent exhibitions:

Palagiocontemporaneo 1st Edition
Palagio del Podesta`- Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti Museum . Pescia (PT) Italy
La Collection
Galerie au passage de rêves, Arles . France Palagiocontemporaneo 2nd Edition . Studio Urbana, Rome .Italy
Au Dela` des Mots . La maison du Colonel . Amiens . France
Zibaldone . Kunst und Suppe . Ateliergemeinschaft Schulstrasse e V. Münster . Germany (solo) Zibaldone 2 . Mayday-Byday Concept space. Rome . Italy (solo)
MailArt International by ARCAM . Mirano . Venezia . Italy
Lost . Kutschenwerkstatt . Gelsenkirchen . Germany
Notfearaboutshadows . Galerie Au Passage de rêves. Arles . France
99 Quanti . Galleria La Teca. Padova . Italy
Palagiocotemporaneo 3rd Edition
Palagio del Podesta`. Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti Museum . Pescia (PT) Italy
Civico Otto for Palagio contemporaneo. Pescia .I (PT) Italy
Goodcompany . Civico Otto Galleria . Pescia (PT) . Italy (solo)
ART COP22 . Marrakech . Maroc
Ins Blau . Art Gallery . Remscheid. Germany
Scarpe Rosse 1522 . Centro per l`Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci. Prato Italy
Angeliinterra . Kunstverein Greven E.V. Greven. Germany (solo) Abracadabra . Le livre d ́Artiste . Centre Culturel Safran. Amiens . France
Jahresausstellung . Ateliergemeinschaft Schulstraße. Münster . Germany
Sguardi . Borghetto di Bagnolo. Montemurlo. Prato . Italy 2019
La MailArt nell’ Arte . Omaggio a Ray Johnson. Sala Polivalente. Biblioteca Comunale di Maerne di Mantellano . Venezia . Italy
5 PRO FILIA Kunst Auktion für Mädchen in Nepal . Münster . Germany
VERSO Galeria O+O . Oriente&Occidente. (solo) . Valencia. Spain

Roman artist SERENELLA DODI - www.serenelladodi.it
is now living in Germany´s Muenster, Westfalia. Her manyfold artwork always is more than mysterious, she steadily works her soul out of the body: Canvas, drawings, many digitals, sculptures. - and surprises again and again. An "art-aholic" maybe. We became friends and I liked to create a group, in which (invited & accepted) members will open their mind and senses for their liberal and personal (in words) comments - meant as an intensive exchange among eachother, may this be positive or critical.
Please take notice & accept : here are no photos of your own work wanted. The group´s language is exclusively English.
SERENELLA ´s work is wellknown in Italy and various international states, where she exhibited and/or curated. She should find German/Austrian/Swiss supporters and friends/assistances - additional worldwide attention ofc, too. Will also interested journalists, museums, collectors, galleries come onboard?? Be very welcome to this active group, which is online since may 5, 2016.
Wolf Rosenthal , Frankfurt a. M.
P.S. Solo exhibitions in Germany followed 2017 Kunstverein Greven, Gelsenkirchen & Muenster/Westf. 2016 & 2017, further participations in Maroc, Solos in Roma and Pescia, Italy. Solo 2020 in O+O Gallery/Valencia, Spain,

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